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Theatre Challenge: 7/9 musicals —->

In the Heights

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Regina and her deep feelings for her first love, her little prince and her soul mate.
"Sooner of later, your heart will find its way to happiness… I know you and you feel things, deeply…"

Daniel was the first person taught her about love and that true love is powerful and magical. Henry was the first person who had always believed in her despite her past and she sought redemption because of him. Robin was the first person who heard great, and terrible stories about the ‘Evil Queen’ but did not judge her, and saw her past the labels. All three saw her weak, vulnerable but assured her, comforted her. All three made her happy and made her smile and filled her heart with love. The unconditional motherly love for Henry, and the love she has for Daniel which she had always mourned for, and the second chance at love she thought she would not have with Robin.

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Sarah Manning:


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In response to some amazing discussion going on over at the WOOQ (…

Have some Harry Potter/OUAT crossover backgrounds!

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Bernadette Peters performing Last Midnight in Into the Woods.

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Regina Mills Appreciation Week

Day One: Favorite Persona:

Regina in love

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Her laugh is the most beautiful thing in the world

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Hi, I’m new on tumblr, like, two days new. I’m trying to follow blogs but I got stuck looking for OUAT blogs because, well…well please read this.

I love the SDCC panel that’s all in the tags and the cast all seem so happy but the fans… not so much. The only thing in the tags are SDCC and hurtful…

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 Regina Mills appreciation week: favorite persona; Young Regina

I  d o n ’ t  w a n t  t o  h u r t  a n y o n e

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Would you like to see more male nudity on the show?

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Pairing(s): Regina/Robin, Robin/Marian, Regina/Daniel

Words: ~4,200

Rating: K+

Summary: Elsa brings back Daniel. Only he’s not.

Inspired by the song: Stay With Me by Sam Smith


Elsa brings back Daniel.

Only he’s not.

He’s made of snow and ice and everything cold and bleak that covers their town and she can’t blame the girl who has no control over her powers but she also can’t understand how she managed to produce an exact replica of her beloved. And it would be a simple thing if it was the cruel, monstrous Daniel that Whale had made the one hell bent on hurting others and driven by rage, but it’s not, it’s her Daniel; her sweet Daniel; her kind Daniel; her devoted Daniel who stands in the diner, as she sits on the farthest stool as far away from the other citizens as possible. It’s a Daniel who asks if she is okay while the entire town gapes at him in much the same way Regina does.

Nobody knows Daniel, they know of him - vaguely - from Henry’s storybook or Snow White rendition of the events that led Regina down the path to becoming the Evil Queen (through really it’s none of their damn business nor their story to share) but the one fact that everyone can agree on is that the man is irrefutably dead - only he’s not.

What sort of powers does the Snow Queen possess? Elsa had made that wretched singing snowman and those ice beasts but human life? The question ‘how’ rings hollow in her head but the one that yells loudly drowning out all other thoughts is ‘why?’ Why? WHY? WHY? Now she must suffer the appearance and inevitable disappearance of her Daniel because he is snow and eventually summer will come, when they figure out how to help Elsa, and then he will be no more. Has she not suffered enough?

The blonde Queen stands at the open door hands up and terrified. She looks between Regina, her hands, and the stableboy helplessly as if even she does not know what has ignited his phantom shape. Many of the other patrons just stare between the man of snow and the woman, who many have said was the actual one with the heart of ice, even though it beat painfully in her chest starved of warmth and affection. Unexpectedly Robin’s eyes find hers and not so unexpectedly his wife clings to his arm but those blue depths mirror a broken horror because he knows better then anyone just how much this must hurt her and what the return of one’s first love means - how can they be kindred spirits even in this? Another reminder that in some ways they are both their other halves for this trial they too will share.

Only hers doesn’t have a happy ending.

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With or without it, you feel things with your whole soul.

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Oh Lucy Griffiths…ever since I saw you on True Blood, I’ve been a huge fan. 

[Click here] for more gifs and my review on Winter’s Tale!

Movie blog xx

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